Happy birthday Phatty!

There’s nothing quite like the anniversary of the release of a machine that you vividly remember buying, to remind you of your own futile mortality and constant visions and nagging in your head that you have accomplished nothing and really should have done more with your life.

This is the Nintendo DS at ten.

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Animal Crossing Diary 09.08.13 – In The Name of the Father

I stood dead still looking at my reflection, disgusted with myself. I was looking in the window because I don’t have a mirror, so a large cross took up a lot of my image. My god, what was wrong with me yesterday. I was actually feeling rather decent today. None of that giveadamnlessness was left. I began to chuckle to myself. It was a pretty bad getup I had on and my hair was hilarious. I headed in to town to get myself sorted out.

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Animal Crossing Diary 06/08/13 – Black, Just Like My Soul…

I didn’t want to get out of bed. I didn’t want to see the light. It felt as if the bright, skin burning sun would obliterate me today. My mood had fallen below the usual ‘meh’ and had dipped into a deep blue funk. On a scale of 1 to 10, the needle was sitting on extreme poop-like, which was odd, considering the scale was numerical. I just wanted to lie on the floor with the lights off, listening to nothing but the static noise on the TV I had sold weeks ago.

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Animal Crossing Diary 05/08/13 – It was as if the sky was on fire

As I lay in my bed falling asleep I felt the worries of the day dispersing from my mind. Things like Blathers complaining about the museum, the Trap Setting Son of a Bitch and that idiot Dizzy were further away then they had ever been. Relaxation flowed over my particularly sexy body. I felt little tingles running up my arm. Tiny signals that my nerve endings were sending to me to relax me even more. I looked down at my arm. Holy crap! There was a spider on me!

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