Animal Crossing Diary – A Week Has Passed: Day 20 to 27

Hello. Some time has passed. A week in fact. You could say I’ve done a lot since we last spoke but you could also say I did very little. As you know. My name is Jiggly and I am the mayor of Meowland. If you recall, last week I went on an adventure. Someone named Cerviche visited me and I went and visited him. I didn’t know if it was real though. I was having a bad time and was quite lonely so was it just a creation in my mind? I didn’t know.

I went about my usual business in Meowland, even though I couldn’t shake the feeling of the unknown. You could say that I got a few fortune cookies.


As you can see I had trouble nailing down a look that I liked. At one point I obtained a Frog Hat and a Big Bro nose and mustache.


Yes… The perfect thing to look like a frog. If a frog had four eyes. With the Big Bro get up I looked more like I was in the frog suit from Super Mario Bros. 3. I liked It.


I felt as though I needed to get in touch with my amphibious brothers.

Hip Hop

I even spotted an interesting thing at the Nookling’s Store…

Frog Woman!

I have no idea what a frog-woman pole is but it disturbed me.

I also ended up wearing some clothes that made me look a part of The Village People.

Young Man...

As you can see, the trap setting son of a bitch is still causing havoc in my town.

I missed out on a few thing due to my lack of enthusiasm. I had felt confused and deflated after the adventure with Cerviche. The fortune teller came to town and I was too late to get my future read.

No Fortune For You!

Pffft. I didn’t care. I don’t believe in that crap anyway. I also missed the building of a new store above the tailor. Meh. I guess that happens when you don’t go to work when you’re the mayor.


When the place opened I discovered that it was a hairdressers. How interesting.


I plonked down into the chair and decided to get done over. Boy did I get done over… If I didn’t look gay before…


I was smiling, but trust me, I wasn’t happy.

I also missed the grand opening of the latest iteration of the Nookling’s store Super T&T. When I did finally get around to checking it out, I was puzzled to see that there was a rack of shopping trolleys. There were more trolleys than residents in the village.


I also missed the opening of Club LOL, the local night club.

Club LoL

It was Saturday Night after 8:00pm and there was a dog names K.K. Slider playing some original songs. He also gave it away free during the night.


I also managed to catch some animals. Most impressive was this beast.


Did I mention that the trap setting son of a bitch is still at large?

Holey crap!

I decided I should investigate some more into this, so I approached my number one suspect, Boone. Well in this case She-Boone. I asked outright if either of his alter-egos, male or female, had been setting the traps around town. I told She-Boone about the time I saw him digging holes just before I was hit over the head.


She began to cry. She said that it was true that she was burying things in the ground that night, and in fact almost every night. She said that she was trying to perfect a cake to give me but always burnt it in the oven. She was burying to hide her shame.

I believed her. The raw emotion was too genuine to be a lie.

I finished some public works projects too. The bridge was finished and a place called the dream suite was also built. I also started the Reset Center that Mr. Resetti requested. There were a few celebrations.


About half way through the week I decided to try and get back to the town of Fox to see if Cerviche did in fact exist. I hopped on a train and started the journey.


It was a long trip and I fell Asleep on the rocking train. When I finally awoke I was no longer on the train. I was in a strange place.


Suddenly Cerviche burst in the room. He screamed for me to get out of the bed. I jumped up and suddenly it exploded. Cerviche shouted and said that was fun. I asked why I was here and how did I actually get here. He began to tell me that When the train rolled in to Fox station, the monkey saw I was asleep and called him as he knew we were friends. Apparently he carried me here.

I took notice of some of the new furniture he had.


We went outside and had some fun. We played tag and hide and seek. I also bumped into a panda named Chow. He told me a harsh truth.


I felt bad and told Cerviche I should leave. He understood and I went home.

When I arrived I was feeling kinda down. I looked at my furniture and decided it needed to be rearranged. Then I saw My Raja B. Butterfly. It looked sad. I decided I should set it free. I walked out the front and let it go. I felt sad but was glad it was free once more.


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