Perth Wildcats NBA 2K16

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve played an NBA 2K game. I’m pretty sure the last one was 2K14, which came out in 2013. The only mode I ever used to play was MyCareer because I liked the idea of being your own player and progressing through your time in the league.

I guess it’s because the only team in the NBA I ever liked was the Indiana Pacers and since Reggie Miller left I stopped caring. However for the last couple of seasons I’ve been following my local NBL team here in Perth, Western Australia.

The Perth Wildcats!


To be completely honest, I didn’t actually care about getting the latest 2K game However, after discovering you can customise the crap out of it… I knew I had to make my team.

I love games where you can do this kinda thing. You know, create. Little Big Planet, Mario Maker, Minecraft etc. If you don’t really care about the process that’s fine. If you just wanna see the end product, here’s a nice video cut together to Gun’s n’ Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle. It’s that song because… Huh? What? You don’t care? Fine. Here’s the video.

Okay, now that the peeps who just wanted to see the final product are gone let’s continue.

So the reason why Welcome to the Jungle was the song of choice, is because it’s the song the players come out to at home games. Because They are Wildcats. And Wildcats live in the jungle. Oh, and they call the Perth Arena “The Jungle” when they play there.

Speaking of which, I was really impressed that you can even customise your home court. Not to the level I wanted, but good enough. Let’s check it out.

Unfortunately you can’t just put logos wherever you want, otherwise it would be pimped out with more advertising material. It just makes it lose a bit of the realism not seeing the giant ‘Chemist Warehouse’ logo or the big ‘Alcohol Think Again’ campaign painted in the key.

The Jumbotron is pretty awesome and more or less identical to it’s real world counterpart. Also the scorer’s bench is pretty cool. I went ahead and made some advertisements that I find comical. My favourite being this one. It’s funny because he took an elbow to the face this season and got his jaw broken.


I chose arena 11 as it looked the most similar to Perth Arena. Besides the actual design the only other thing you can change is the seat colour.

Making the uniforms was the best part. I think I did it about five times trying to perfect it. Actually, it was really because I kept screwing things up when I started a season, and had to keep re-doing it


There are practically endless customisation options when making a uniform. You can upload your own images and have up to ten layers. There are also several options to choose from with uniform type and design etc.

Now the players… hehe… I must personally apologise to them all. I DID MY BEST! I’M ONLY A HUMAN BEING!

I like to consider this a mutant vision of them. I spent way too long trying to get them looking right. I did however check out their stats and make them accurate to body size, position and skill. Then I realised everyone in the NBA is huge and added a couple of inches to everyone. Then I realised I suck at the game and upped all their stats.

Here’s the team.


There’s half the team… I guess it’s not too bad. Except Jervis looks nothing like him. The big black guy, Nathan Jawai… I’m sorry. Truly I am. Matty Knight has had a haircut since that photo too.


Riiiiiiiight… So, Casey Prather turned out to be ‘Generic Black Guy’. Jesse Wagstaff looks like how he would if he spent his life becoming a lumberjack. My god. That forehead on Redhage is huge! I added myself to the team for good measure. I mean when else am I gonna get to shoot hoops with the Wildcats?

If you want all the assets to make the Wildcats in your own game, you can download them here.

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