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Perth Wildcats NBA 2K17

Just like last year, I went ahead and made the Perth Wildcats in NBA 2K17. It’s also a hell of a lot easier for you to get the team design! Check out the video below.

(This is on PS4)


WarioWare: DIY – The dirty Dozen

I remember being impressed with WarioWare, inc.: Mega MicroGame$! the first time I saw it. It was in the means of a flash game advertisement and/or competition. It’s hard to remember exactly what it was but it made me want the game.

I enjoy all the WarioWare games but the one I played the least is the one I feel I should have played more than any other, WarioWare D.I.Y.

When Super Mario Make was just a pipe dream in every Nintendo fanboy’s eye, D.I.Y. gave us the tools to make our own microgames. See what I did there? Mario Maker… Pipe Dream… *cough*.

Sure it was a little flawed and missing some key functions and mechanics, but it still made it possible for the creativity to flow. And here I am now to showcase the twelve, count ’em, twelve microgames I actually finished making.

Before we get started I’d like to let you know how I came across my copy of the game. In April of 2010 Kotaku Australia ran a competition for Splinter Cell: Conviction. I don’t recall the prize, I assume it was a copy of the game. A quick google search just now and I discovered the prize was actually A Splinter Cell: Conviction Xbox 360 console bundle. To enter you had to have a real world photo with the stylised Conviction writing on walls, along with the Kotaku logo. This was my entry: Continue reading WarioWare: DIY – The dirty Dozen

Perth Wildcats NBA 2K16

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve played an NBA 2K game. I’m pretty sure the last one was 2K14, which came out in 2013. The only mode I ever used to play was MyCareer because I liked the idea of being your own player and progressing through your time in the league.

I guess it’s because the only team in the NBA I ever liked was the Indiana Pacers and since Reggie Miller left I stopped caring. However for the last couple of seasons I’ve been following my local NBL team here in Perth, Western Australia.

The Perth Wildcats!


To be completely honest, Continue reading Perth Wildcats NBA 2K16

Goomba Galleon

I went a head and made world one in what I plan to be a whole game’s worth of levels. Have you got what it takes to defeat the evil pirate bastard, Captain Goomba?

1-1 Airship Docks: 4099-0000-00EA-E1C3
1-2 All Aboard!: 3BD6-0000-00EA-E08B
1-3 Below Deck: 76DF-0000-00EA-DF04
1-4 Powder Room: DDCF-0000-00EA-DB99
1-5 Haunted Hull: F0C2-0000-00EA-D8F6
1-6 Capt. Goomba: 92BD-0000-00EA-D46C