Goomba Galleon

I went a head and made world one in what I plan to be a whole game’s worth of levels. Have you got what it takes to defeat the evil pirate bastard, Captain Goomba?

1-1 Airship Docks: 4099-0000-00EA-E1C3
1-2 All Aboard!: 3BD6-0000-00EA-E08B
1-3 Below Deck: 76DF-0000-00EA-DF04
1-4 Powder Room: DDCF-0000-00EA-DB99
1-5 Haunted Hull: F0C2-0000-00EA-D8F6
1-6 Capt. Goomba: 92BD-0000-00EA-D46C

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