I Suck at Video Games has taken a back seat for me since around April. I still love writing things in and about my adventures in the world of video games but lately, I’ve focused my efforts on a new project.

It’s a webcomic called Not So Good At This. I started it near the end of August, after going through some issues with my mental health. Drawing has always been a form of a coping method for me. Shortly after starting I had a major depressive episode and did very little else and cared for very little else other than drawing comics.

Now that I’m fifty strips in I’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out over at notsogoodatthis.com.

I’d like to say there have already been some things I wanna write about, but I haven’t had the inspiration for a while. I’m not going to forget about IS@VG forever. I’ll certainly get back to it soon enough.

Thanks ❤

Perth Wildcats NBA 2K16

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve played an NBA 2K game. I’m pretty sure the last one was 2K14, which came out in 2013. The only mode I ever used to play was MyCareer because I liked the idea of being your own player and progressing through your time in the league.

I guess it’s because the only team in the NBA I ever liked was the Indiana Pacers and since Reggie Miller left I stopped caring. However for the last couple of seasons I’ve been following my local NBL team here in Perth, Western Australia.

The Perth Wildcats!


To be completely honest,

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Target Australia changes their name and logo to avoid affiliation with violence

Target Australia have announced in a press release that they will be changing their name and logo to avoid any affiliation with violence of any form.

The drastic decision to make the change came less than twenty-four hours after the company decided to remove the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V from sale, after being hit with complaints from many customers regarding the game’s content.

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My Games of the Year – Part 2

I don’t have the time to take all the games I’ve enjoyed this year, line them up and compare them to one another, weighing up the differences in styles and gameplay, then trying to justify reasons as to why one of them is my most favourite. Heck no. So Instead I’m just writing about all of my favourite games this year and why they are awesome! Some of them I have finished and others I haven’t. Most of them I sucked at. Because I am wanting to be unbiased and don’t want to rank one game better than the other, I used a random generator to determine the order of which to write about.


I have no idea where I discovered Antichamber. I think I might have read something about it on a website like Kotaku. I do know that I didn’t watch any videos or read any reviews of the game. I pretty much got the game and started playing.

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Grand Theft Auto Online I Suck at Video Games Crew!


If you feel like your life is lacking something, perhaps it is the comradery felt when sucking at a video game with other people.

I suck at video games is currently recruiting for members to join our GTA Online crew, which is called, surprisingly, I Suck At Video Games

The crew is open for anyone to join, but you have to live up to the crew name if you wanna be a part of it. Yes, this means you have to suck. You have to suck pretty hard. Don’t get me wrong… If you are good at GTA Online and games in general you can still join. Just make sure you live up to the spirit that drives the crew. Dumb down your game. Suck a little. Save your awesomeness for another crew.

Join us for some fun times and prepare to lose… A lot.

Headover to and sign up today at the I Suck At Video Games crew page!