Animal Crossing Diary – Day 16

Today was Saturday. I was watching my Raja B Butterfly and admiring it’s beauty. It was fluttering about. Suddenly I got a whiff of something odd smelling. Was it you Mr Butterfly? It wasn’t. I opened the drawers and looked through my stuff. The turnips! I had forgotten all about them. They were starting to spoil and by midnight tonight they would be dead. Hopefully Re-Tail was buying them for more than the $90 I payed. I ran all the way there.

I'm Runing!

I burst through the doors and Reese, the pink llama thing was shocked at the speed I entered. I tried to ask what the turnip prices where today, but it came out more like “WHAT TURNIPS BUYING YOU FOR ME!” Reese laughed and called me a rookie. Apparently rookies always leave it to the last day or completely forget about their turnips.


Noooooo! They were worth $4 less than what I payed for them for each turnip. I had 30 turnips. I had no choice but to sell them as they would spoil otherwise. I had a total loss of $120. I guess it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t much money and I had been making a fair bit lately anyway. I was just kind of hoping to get a huge score. Oh well. Maybe I’ll buy some more tomorrow and try again.

As I was walking back I noticed one of those present Balloons floating through the air. I started to follow it. I didn’t have my slingshot so I had to swipe at it with my net. I was following it through some trees and almost fell into a trap! I can’t help but think this was some kind of set up.

Sneaky Bastard

I caught the balloon at the cliff and knocked the present out of the sky. Inside was a balloon couch. I saw a little yellow bird on top of the town message board. I tried to sneak up on it. I wanted to catch it! As I swiped my net it flew away. I saw a new message on the notice board. It read:


How interesting. I’d never seen a meteor shower before. I must remember to watch it tonight. Suddenly a dragonfly landed on my head. I freaked out. I swiped it away and noticed bugs everywhere. BUG HUNTING TIME! I was catching everything. Dragon flies, fruit beetles, cicadas… I even found a cicada shell. As I was taking my haul to the shops Goaty Creature chased me down. She wanted to buy my cicada shell.

Goaty Creature

I didn’t really want to sell it to her because frankly I don’t like her. She offered $120. I told her that she could have it. She asked if she really could. I said no she couldn’t and I left. I got to Re-Tail and sold my bugs, including the cicada shell which was a higher paying item today. They paid me $200. Goaty creature was trying to rip me off. Bitch. I must remember to send her a hate letter.

Hate Letter

Next I went to Kicks, the shoe shop. They didn’t have much but I did buy some black stockings. Sure a pirate doesn’t wear stockings but they make me feel sexy and sometimes I need to feel good about myself.

Sexy Jiggly

I considered going into the flower shop. I couldn’t do it though, even though my axe is starting to get a bit worse for wear. I just can’t stand that creep sloth. I decided not to and went to see the Nooklings instead. I bought both the fortune cookies again – god help me if they ever sell more than two at a time. They also had a megaphone. That was cool. I bought it and went back to the village. I pulled out the megaphone and called out for Fang.

Jiggly Shouts

He heard me and came a running. He was all like “what the hell?” I smiled. I thought it was funny that I made him come to me for once. I could have fun with this. I hunted down Goaty Creature and yelled at her. That too was fun.


It was time to visit the tropical island. I got on the boat and Kapp’n took me over. He likes to sing and sometimes I think he’s quite weird. This time I think he was hitting on me.

Kapp'n n' Me

I went out to the island and took all the coconuts, shells and lemons. This place is good for making money. Plus, I can use the lemons in my orchard. Even more money, woo!

Lemon Pledge

I went for a tour to another island. It was a free diving tour. Even though I nearly drowned yesterday while scuba diving, I wanted to give it another try. My task was to catch three crabs within three minutes. Tortimer made it sound like The Deadliest Catch. I thought Red King crab were deep sea crabs…

The Deadliest Turtle

I am really bad at this diving thing. I was chased by jellyfish and stung by a sea urchin. I manage to catch two crabs but couldn’t find a third. They were so damn fast and kept swimming away from me. I managed to catch a third crab with just 1 second left on the clock.


I was wet and miserable and wanted to go home. I got on the boat and made my way back. When we returned to Meowland, Kapp’n gave me all my stuff back. As I was filling my pockets I found the fortune cookies. I’d forgotten all about them. I casually nibbled them until the prize ticket was revealed. One of them was a repeat. I knew already it was a 1-UP Mushroom. The other fortune was brand new.

Mushroom Hat...

I trekked up to T & T Mart and claimed my prize. It was a Mario Brothers wall mural. It went nicely with the Mario Brick floor that I made.


When I was leaving T & T Mart I saw some more yellow birds. Once again I tried to nab one to claim as my own little tweety creature.


Naturally they flew away. It was getting dark so I went to find a good spot to watch the meteor shower. I went down to where I had planted my orchard and sat and watched the sky for a while. Eventually the shooting stars appeared. They were pretty cool. I watched for a while and the retired back to my house for the evening. What will tomorrow hold?

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