Animal Crossing Diary – Day 15

It was dark before I left the house today. I guess I just didn’t feel like doing anything. I looked out the window and saw a strange creature standing at my front door. I went out to see what it was doing here. Upon closer inspection, it looked to be some kind of lizard-like thing. Before I could say anything it gave a little squeal of joy. He told me that he’d been waiting there all day for me to emerge from my home. I asked what he wanted. As it turns out he wanted my approval to build a night club in the town. I said that it was fine by me but it would need a permit from Town Hall.

It Doesn't

He told me he stopped off there when he first arrived this morning and that all he needed now was signatures from some of the residents to say that they approve. I said that was great and he should hop to it. He gave a nervous laugh and then asked me if I could do it. I already had a rapport with most of the residents so they would do what ever I said. He had a point. I am a pretty influential mayor. I agreed to do this.

I started to go around to the animals that I trusted and liked the most. I started with Fang. He was down for it. He signed and then gave me some advice.

Ask Fang

Next I went and found the elephant. I asked if he would sign to have the club built. He said he would love to… But he was not going to live in Meowland much longer.


I told him he can’t move. I needed his help to find the trap setting son of a bitch. We talked it over for a while and finally he agreed to stay. He didn’t realise how much this town needs him. He signed and I moved on.

I got a few more signatures and then decided I should test Boone’s loyalty to Meowland. I still didn’t trust him. He really could have something to do with these traps. I went to his house and asked him to sign. He began to cry. He said that this town means more than anything to him and that he would gladly sign.

Cry Baby Boone

I only needed one more signature. I went to find Princess Leia. She was at home. I asked if she would like to sign it. She said she loves to give fans autographs.


I didn’t tell her that it wasn’t for me. I think she got a bit confused. Oh, well. I had all the signatures so now that lizard thing can build his club. I went to the shopping district and gave him the completed form. He thanked me and said that it would take a few day to get ready and open.

Lizard Thing Again

I went to T & T Mart – the nookling store. Even though they are bigger, there wasn’t really anything I wanted. Once again they had two fortune cookies. I bought them both and scoffed them down straight away. I read the prize tickets. I had gotten both of these before! Well that was a it disappointed. I had won another ? block and another fire bar. I took the prizes and went to the accessories shop.

DOuble Cookies

At the accessories shop they had what was called a ‘Hero Mask’. To me it looked more like a robber’s mask. I purchased it. I can always use a new disguise.


I had received the painting that I purchased yesterday and went to Blathers at the museum to appraise it. He lit up like a fat feathery light bulb. He was happy. He told me this was the real deal. I told him that I was happy to donate it to improve the cultural experience in Meowland. What I didn’t tell him was that I was considering stealing it back…


I headed home to set up my new fire bar. It would double my home defense at least. On the way I saw a soft patch of dirt. I went to dig it up but missed. I slipped and fell. It was a trap! I knew it! This is getting old.


When I got home I rearranged the layout of my house a bit and set up the new defense system. Only a Mario brother would be able to get through this!


I went down to the beach and told Kapp’n to take me over to the island. He’s a decent sailor but his rhymes are pretty average.


When I arrived I decided I would do some scuba diving. I borrowed a wetsuit from the visitors center and dived into the cold water. You know, I’d never noticed sharks from the shore before. I swam away as fast as I could.


Before I could get out of the water I felt something grab my leg. It pulled me under! I was drowning. I grasped at what was around my ankle and ripped what felt like a tentacle into two. When I got to the shore I still had the appendage in my hand. I looked down at it. Turns out it was just some sea grapes. Either way I doubt I’ll venture into the deep again any time soon.


I went inside and chose a few tours to do. First up was the rock smashing tour. It sounded fun. I had to smash rocks with my shovel to find precious stones inside. I kicked ass at that. I’m a rock smashing god. I was so good I filled my pockets with a whole minute left to play.


Next up was the hammer hitting tour. This was interesting. Tortimer had built a robot with the sole purpose of being smacked with a hammer. I had to hit it as many times as possible in three minutes. I managed to do it 93 times. These tours where I get to destroy thing are pretty fun.


I went back inside an counted my winnings. I had 18 medals. I went to the old turtle to see what I could buy. There was an awesome pirate hat for exactly 18 medals! What were the chances of that. I gathered all my stuff and headed back home. When I arrived I went and got my eye patch. I also made a new shirt pattern to complete my piratey look.


With little else to do I figured I should repay some of my home loan. I put in half of my savings and went home to sleep, still without a bed.

Home Loan

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