Animal Crossing Diary – Day 14

The dream came again last night. It started off the usual way with the rain hitting the window, rolling down and making larger droplets. On cue the power went out. I was sitting in the dark but didn’t really mind. Then total blackness, as if I was blind. Then the eyes appeared. They look so angry. They keep getting closer and closer. Or is it just bigger and bigger? Suddenly I hear screaming. That’s new.

I woke up and could still hear the screaming. It was coming from outside. I jumped up and ran out the door towards the unwanted alarm. It was the elephant. He was going right off. I asked him what was wrong. He told me he was scared of a disease.

Screamin' Elephant

I told him to calm down and that I would get him some fruit. The trees next to my house had apples on them so I ran off and got one for him. He was grateful. Not grateful enough to give me a gift in thanks, but grateful.

I went to see Fang. He was happy because he just received a package. He opened it and then his face went weird.


As he now had two, Fang gave this one to me. It was a pyramid. Sure, not something I would ever buy but I’ll take it. I must remember to send him a thank you letter with a gift.

I went to town hall to see if there was anything new going on. My assistant, whom I shall call Debbie, for that is a good name for an assistant, was already in the office. I asked her what the happy-haps around town were. She reminded me that Nooklings Junction had been remodeled and was opening today. She also told me that I should steer clear of the Town Plaza. I asked her why. She hesitated and then told me that the art merchant was back.

Oooooh, that bastard! I’d just started to forget about that fake painting I bought from him. I ran straight down to his tent and went in ready to set the thing ablaze.

Burn That Bastard Down!

The fox played it sly. Heh, just like a fox would. He went in to his usual spiel. I cut him off half way and demanded reimbursement for the fake artwork. He began apologising profusely. Nice try buddy. I don’t buy your bullcrap. I told him he knowingly sold me a forgery. He stopped and looked at me. He thought for a second and then spoke. He said that it was true. He knew it was a fake. He knowingly sells them at all towns. He said that I should compare the paintings to versions online to compare them if I want to buy something. That way I would know if something is fake before I buy it.

I figured that as long as my town benefits then it’s all good. I looked at the artwork in the tent and ended up buying something that I’m pretty sure is real.

Another Painting

Like last time, I would receive the painting in the mail once ‘the exhibit’ is over. I made my way to check out the new nookling store. It was about twice the size as Nooklings Junction and had some big windows at the front.

T&T Mart

The new shop was called T & T Mart. I liked Nookling Junction better. I went in. There was a lot more stock then the old store had. They even had two fortune cookies! I had to buy them. There was nothing else I really wanted or needed, so I went to the river to eat BOTH of my fortune cookies.

Cookie 2

Cookie 1

I struck the same pose while reading them both. It wakes me feel good. I went back to T & T Mart and handed over my lucky tickets. I had won an Arwing and a ? block. The ? block would fit nicely with my Mario themed room. The Arwing was pretty awesome too.

I went to the flower shop. I wanted to grow some tree. As soon as I went in I felt uneasy. The sloth creeps me out.

Creepy Sloth Thing

I wasn’t going to stay any longer. I went to Nook’s to see what I owed him for my remodeled house. Nook sure can’t help but look giddy when ever he talks about money.

Greedy Nook

I went to the otter who was set up in the front of Nooks. I wanted to have my house judged. He went on to tell me how his crew sneak in without me knowing. That made me feel a little uneasy. Everything to do with Nook was a little suss. My score was around 2500 out of a total 15,000. Freaking hater. I think he has something against Nintendo.

Ray Li-Otter

I was starting to get bored with today and headed home. The elephant stopped me near my house and began to talk about food again. He said that the seafood was amazing on Meowland. I told him I don’t eat any seafood whatsoever. He was surprised at that.

Kill Them!

I spent a few hours at home and then decided to go visit the tropical island. I like the lack of people there. I got on Kapp’n’s boat and we shipped off.

Kapp'n Crunch

I went straight out to the island and relaxed. I did some fishing and took all the shells, just like last time. After a while I went on a tour. This time it was the bug catching tour. When I arrived, miraculously it was bright outside. This was very weird considering it was night time. I had been tasked with catching a minimum of three bugs to be deemed a winner of any sort. The stopwatch started and I ran around frantically.

There were no bugs anywhere! It was a large area and I could find nothing. There were some weird fruits on the trees. Big yellow and spiky. I grabbed them as I couldn’t find bugs. Suddenly a cicada flew into my eyes! It was like I was shown the light. They were everywhere!


The buzzer sounded and I had 7 bugs. I was rewarded with six medals. Everything that old turtle lady had back at the visitors center was much more expensive that the, now, 8 medals I had earned. It was home time.

When I got back I sold all the stuff I had taken without permission and went to my house. I decided I wanted to have some fun. I set up all the Gyroids I had collected and turned them on. It was to be my greatest symphony. My opus. It was… Amazing.

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