Animal Crossing Diary – Day 10

It was the third day straight of non-stop rain. I wasn’t complaining. I prefer the rain. I hadn’t even bothered getting an umbrella. Today was Sunday and once again I decided to not bother going to the office. Even if it wasn’t the weekend I would still have nothing to do. My test orchard trees are coming along quite nicely. Hopefully within the next few days they will have fruit.


As I started my day I slowly walked towards the other side of the village. I noticed the elephant poking around in a soft patch of soil. I watched him from behind a tree. Was he burying a trap? Sure he was part of my investigations team, but rule one was suspect everyone. I jumped out from behind the tree and shouted “Hey elephant, what up!” He was startled to the degree of almost making boom boom in his pants. He acted rather suspicious saying that he was just investigating the soft patch on the ground. I pulled out my shovel and told him to allow me. It wasn’t a trap. The elephant was in the clear. It was just a Gyroid. He gave a nervous laugh and I left.

Elephant All Suss

I went looking for fang to fill him in on what just happened. I couldn’t see him. I did see however, a beast-like creature coming over the hill towards me. It carried a basket on it’s back filled with some kind of vegetable. I inquired into what the beast was doing here. She babbled on about being from the old country and being old herself. Turnips was her business. I explained that I don’t particularly like turnips so maybe she should talk to someone else. Apparently you aren’t meant to eat these turnips – unless you want to that is. She told me about how they were traded like stock and that turnip prices change on a daily basis. Today she was selling them for $90 a piece. I told her I would give it a try and that I’d take one. Well no that wasn’t gonna happen as they come in packs of ten. Fine, whatever. I ended up leaving with $2700 worth. If I lose out, it’s really just Nook losing out.

Old Beast Woman

I continued through town and all of a sudden there was a loud gust of wind. All the townsfolk looked up and we saw a balloon with a present floating through the air. We all tried to jump up at it with no success.


I pulled out my net and swiped at it, popping the balloon. The present fell towards the earth and landed right on the edge of the cliff. That was close. I quickly opened it up. It was a balloon shaped lamp. Hmm… I didn’t like it. I wonder how much it would sell for. The elephant looked jealous of me.

Suck it Elephant

Next I bumped into the goaty creature from next door. I had been ignoring it. She said that she had some big news. At least her English was getting better. I had heard she was getting lessons. She told me that she was leaving town. It was hard for me to hide the excited look on my face. She asked me what I thought about that. I said “Later ‘gator!” A sudden look of clarity spewed upon her face. She told me how she felt bad that we never had gotten to know each other that well. She said that should be different and she was going to stay to change it. You could say I was a little more than disappointed.

Well, Crap

It was time to make some money. I collected all the shells from the beach and ran about town taking all of the apples. No fruit for anyone else! I made a heck of a lot from this. Over $10,000. Not bad at all. I went to the post office and banked my earnings. While collecting apples, once again I almost fell prey to one of the traps. Using my keen agility I jumped over it before I planted my foot into the ground. I dug it up and now had two to study.

Holy Trap!
I wanted to go see blathers at the museum to see if he knew anything about these traps. After all he gave off the vibe of a Giles from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Well that or the bearded guy from the Clarke County Museum who Rick from Pawn Stars calls when he is in need of information for certain things. As I was passing the river I saw a familiar glove on the riverbank. I went over and picked it up. It was Princess Leia’s. I would take it back to her later. I got to the museum and, as usual, Blathers was asleep. DAMN YOU BIRD! I wanted your help! Pffft.


As I walked to the shops I noticed a giant scaffold had been set up next to the tailor. What the hell were they building? Maybe I should have gone to work yesterday. I’m starting to get fed up with being Mayor and not knowing what’s happening in my town.

New Building

I got to the Nooklings store and bought some fancy writing paper. It has geometric shapes on it. There hasn’t been any furniture that appealed to me in a while. If ever. I got myself a fortune cookie and ate it in the park. The message contained inside read:


As cryptic as ever. Had I won myself a woman? I took it back to the raccoon and he gave me a prize. It was a Fi from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword mask. It was great. If I wanted to scare children. I think this is gonna live in storage.


It was still raining so I thought I would enjoy myself at the beach for a while. I made a detour to the bridge donations Gyroid to see how the collections were coming along. Not good. These people don’t want to contribute. I gave it some coin and went to the shore.


I pottered along the ocean front dreaming of having someone I could call a true friend to spend this time with, just like I used to during my childhood. It was a long time ago. So long ago that I shouldn’t want these things anymore. I watched a shell wash up on to the sand. Hehe, conch.


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