Animal Crossing Diary – Day 8

Today started off just like my dream. I walked outside and let the rain hit my face. I have no need for an umbrella. After all, having missed out on that black one last week I doubt there will be another that I like. I checked the mail. I had correspondence from Fang and the elephant. They were just reconfirming our mission and the secrecy surrounding it. I had to check on my fruit trees to make sure they weren’t damaged in the storm or by a vandal overnight. They were coming along nicely, not to mention really fast. It must be something to do with this town.

My Trees

I went down to the beach to experience this weather the way I like it most. I watched the waves crashing down for about 15 minutes until I heard something on the cliff above me. I couldn’t quite make out what – or who it was.

Cliffy B-each

I made my way back up to the top of the cliff to find out what was going on. There was a camel who I had never seen before, carrying around a large backpack filled with rolls of fabric. I approached it and asked why he was here. He began to give me some kind of sop story about being an immigrant from a war torn country. I asked to see his papers to make sure he wasn’t an illegal immigrant. It checked out. I inquired about the things in his backpack and he explained he was selling handmade wallpapers and floor coverings. I didn’t remember seeing his permit in Town Hall to sell these wares. I asked to see his permit.


He admitted that he, in fact, didn’t have one. I told him he had to leave. Suddenly he was down at my feet begging me to let him stay. He had no other way to live and make money. He offered to check out my house and would restyle it for free if he could stay. I told him that if i liked what he did I would not only let him stay and comeback to Meowland once a week, I would also pay him for the work on my house. The camel went inside. Ten minutes later he came out with a triumphant look on his face. Admittedly I didn’t hate it. I gave him $3000 and told him to stop by Town Hall to get his retail permit.

New Wallpaper and Floor

I made my way to the Gyroid in charge of the new bridge to see how donations were coming along. Being that I had to walk all the way around the river, undoubtedly I was stopped by Boone, the gorilla. He made a point of telling me how much of a manly man he was and how scrawny I was in comparison. I feel like he’s trying to compensate for something. Maybe even hiding something. Was he the trap setting son of a bitch I was looking for?


I got to the foreman Gyroid and asked how things were going. He grumbled a bit and confided in me about his painful gout. I told him to lay off the red meat for a while. Donations were coming in at quite a slow pace. We had just over $270 of the required $128000.

Foreman Gouty

I had to reach out to the residents to increase cash flow for this new bridge. Four out of the nine households are going to directly benefit from this bridge and I’m sure others will too.


I had to try and motivate everyone, so I posted a notice on the town bulletin board.


I went towards the shopping district. I had my guard down. I wasn’t paying attention. I’m a fool. I was too distracted. It happened again. I have to find this asshole.

In A Hole

I got to the shops and could see that dog from yesterday standing there again. This time in a raincoat. I felt bad for how I reacted yesterday. I was still worried he was going to press charges. Luckily I was still wearing my cool beard disguise. Maybe tomorrow I will make things right with him.

Rain Dog

I stopped into Nookling Junction. Tommy, the younger raccoon was running the joint today. There was nothing that appealed to me so, as per the norm, I bought a fortune cookie. I popped over to Nooks. He looked angry. He started going off his head about the traveling camel encroaching on his business. I told him to get over it. Competition is needed, plus it was only going to be one day a week he was in town. There was an otter set up in the corner of Nook’s shop. Apparently he was on some kind of housing rating board. Happily he said my house had a rating of 1335 points. By the way he was talking I figured this was good. Then he let me know what it was scored out of…

Otter Guy

Feeling a bit deflated about the score my house got in a program I don’t care for, I ate my fortune cookie. The fortune read:


I ran back to the Nookling and Tommy gave me my prize. It was a Triforce! I wanted to get home as fast as I could. to look at it. I started running. I ran past Princess Leia, Fauna and the elephant. I ran past Boone. I stopped. I had to do a double take. It was Boone but it… It didn’t look like Boone. I stopped and talked to him.


It was definitely Boone, but he insisted on being called Violet. So this is what he was trying to make up for. I made it home and checked out my new Triforce.

It’s freakin’ awesome.

I heard a knock on my door. It was Fang. He had been doing some covert investigations and suspected Fauna as the trap setter. He wanted me to talk to her to see what I could find out. I went out looking for her and found her near the riverbed. I spoke to her about some random things and casually brought up the issue of the traps. She said her sister fell into one last time she visited. She seemed rather innocent. Plus she didn’t have the upper body strength to bury all these traps. As I took my leave she asked me to give her a new greeting as ‘hello’ was out dated. I obliged.


I got back to Fang and filled him in. I told him that Fauna probably wasn’t the culprit, but we still couldn’t rule anyone out. This trap setting son of a bitch is smart. Be they’ll mess up. They always do.

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