Animal Crossing Diary – Day 6

I looked out the window at the day I figured was already going to be bad. I don’t have a bed yet, so I’ve been sleeping on the wooden floor. Not to mention the house is full of junk and there is little room for me to stretch out. Suddenly my excitement grew as I just remembered about the letter I sent to Fang. Would he have already replied? Doubtful. I sent my message late yesterday afternoon so he would have only gotten it today at the earliest. Knowing the postal system it will probably be tomorrow. I checked the mail box and to no surprise it was empty.

Time to get to work. I started to make my way to Town Hall and noticed yet another plot of land marked out for a new resident. At the front was a soft patch of soil. It served as a reminder for me to keep a look for traps that may have been set. I dug in the ground and uncovered a weird fire hydrant looking thing. I turned it over. It had the words ‘Tall Alloid’ written on the base.

Tall Alloid

Interesting little thing. I saw a few more patches of soft soil and uncovered another two of them. I got to Town Hall and sat at my desk waiting for Woofy, or whatever her name is, to come over and discuss my approval rating. She was busy on the computer. I asked what she was doing. She explained that she was on YouTube looking at videos of cats falling out of trees. I told her to come over here so we can figure this thing out. My Rating was at 79% Up 18 points since yesterday for doing nothing more than sleeping. Well attempting to sleep. Woofy thought for a moment and suggested changing the town flag in hopes of winning more people over.

I went to work and started on the new design. Although I thought there was nothing wrong with the current ‘Heavy Fist’ flag, with all these traps set around town I needed a new warning.

New Flag

It did the trick. my approval rating jumped up to 99% Hot damn! Nearly there. Woofy looked at me and confided that there was only one more thing I could do, but I probably wasn’t going to like it. I had to change the town tune. She was right. I didn’t like it, but what else could I do? I went to composing and by composing I mean I put together some random notes. I didn’t even listen to the tune. Straight away my rating hit 100%. I felt sick inside. Woofy completed the Town Development permit and submitted it. I told her to change the tune back. She looked me in the eye and told me that was not a good idea. I had earned the trust of the residents. I didn’t care. I changed it back myself and left.

I burst out the door and was in such a rush that I didn’t notice the soft patch of dirt…

Trapped Again

For crap sake! This must be in retaliation for the new flag. I struggled my way out of the hole and filled it in. I had to see Fang immediately.  I asked him if he had received any mail today. He admitted that he hadn’t. Damn it. The the letter must have missed today’s drop. The goaty creature who moved in yesterday was nearby so I decided to play it safe and said nothing more about it. Fang had been talking and I wasn’t paying attention. I snapped back in and he asked if I could do that for him. I said sure and left.

Fang Wants

I didn’t know what Fang wanted but I think he said something about new furniture. I started to make my way towards Nookling Junction. I stopped at the noticeboard and saw that the store was going to have a half price sale after 7:00pm tonight.  I figured I’d come back then to look for something for Fang. I decided it was time to go to Nook’s Real estate to find out how much I owe him. I was greeted with his pretentious smile. He said it was good to see me. I said to cut the bullshit and lay it on me.


$39800. Not too bad. I figure i could have that paid in about a month with sea shells alone. I headed back home. As I approached the river I saw something floating in the air. It was a pink balloon with what looked to be a present attached to it. I followed it as it floated along, all the way to the cliff. I used my bug catching net to try and swipe it out of the air. I missed and it popped the balloon. The gift fell into the river, down the waterfall and into the ocean, gone forever.


I watched until the present turned into a tiny dot and finally disappeared. I walked back up the hill and bumped into the goaty creature. She said something in her native tongue that I didn’t understand. I figured I should try to teach her some English, starting with her new name.

Goaty Creature

I wanted to take my mind off things so I decided to go fishing. I approached the river and saw a black shadow beneath the water. I cast the lure in and waited for the floater to bob. The second it went down I yanked hard on the rod. Whatever was on the other end of this line wasn’t going down without a fight. I struggled for about three minutes and finally got it out of the water. It was a Black Bass. I wrote a little song about it.

Black Bass

7:00pm rolled on so I went to check out the Nooklings store. There was a fancy looking bench in the back corner. I thought Fang would like it. At half price it was still $2860. I also grabbed a fortune cookie while I was there. Quickly, I ran back to fang and handed it over. He looked at me kind of oddly. He said he asked for something to put on a table to replace his snow globe. Great now I looked like an idiot. I made my way back to the store to find another item for Fang. They had nothing so I headed over to Re-Tail. On the way there Princess Leia stopped me and asked if I could get something for her to eat. I had an apple on me so I handed it over. With gratitude she gave me an Apple TV, saying she had no use for it. Hell yeah! Apple TV! Now I can stream content from my computer to the TV with ease! Turns out it wasn’t the Apple TV I thought she meant…

Apple TV

Hey, maybe Fang would want it. I took it up to him but he still looked sad. It was too heavy for his table. I went over to Re-Tail and sold the useless junk I had acquired over the day including the Apple TV and fancy bench. Down the back of the store I saw a kettle. That HAS to be what Fang wants. I handed over the cash and took it straight to him. Gleefully he accepted it and expressed his love for the item.

Fang's Kettle

My work here was done. Hopefully when the letter arrives tomorrow, Fang will feel more obliged to join my cause. I need to find this trap setting son of a bitch and I need all the help I can get.

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