Animal Crossing Diary – Day 4

Sunday. I woke up feeling better from yesterday. I figured it was time to take the Town Planning permit seriously and that I should try and get this down payment paid on my house. I had to make some money. I started to walk through the town and all of a sudden found myself stuck in another one of those traps in the ground.

Damn Hole

I was pissed. Home security is one thing but to maliciously set a trap in the middle of an open field… In front of my office no less! I think someone is against my Mayorship. I decided it was time to post a memo on the town bulletin board.

A Warning

It was time to make some cash. I had done well with shells before at the Re-Tail store so I headed down to the beach to find some more. There were quite a few around and I pocketed as many as I could. I spotted a butterfly fluttering about my head. It would be cool to have it as a pet. I watched it a while and headed over to Re-Tail.


I have no idea what the animal that runs the Re-Tail store is… Maybe some kind of Llama? I don’t know. Anyway she only offered me just over $1000 for my haul. I was still a fair way off. I had seen some apple trees about the place and figured I would try to sell the fruit. On my way to the trees I tried to cross the bridge. Princess Leia was standing there and wouldn’t let me pass. She demanded that I act out a scene from Star wars with her. I was to be Han Solo and strangely she was going to be Chewbacca the Wookie.


I pretended to draw my blaster and went PEW PEW PEW! Leia made a Wookie scream – one of the loudest I had ever heard. We dived into the river below and pretended the walls were closing in on us. We had fun. I’m glad she moved here.

I continued on looking for apples. I shook some trees trying to make them fall down. I was doing good. I collected about 30 or so apples. I had quite a haul. I wanted to try and get a few more.


I shook down one more tree hoping to get a few more apples. Apples did not fall from the tree. It was a beehive. I legged it. I have never run so fast in my life but even then I was too slow. One of those bastard bees got me in the eye!

Bee Sting

Thank goodness I’m not allergic. I decided I needed to cheer myself up so I went to Nooklings Junction. There was nothing that really interested me so I just bought another fortune cookie. Damn I love those things. I scoffed down the hard, possibly stale cookie and almost choked on the message within. It read:


I ran back to the little Nookling to find out what my prize today was. He looked me dead in they and expressed that I was going to love it. He produced a mask from behind his back. Not just any mask but the fable Majora’s Mask!

Majora's Mask

I went back to my tent to put the mask away in a safe place. When I got there I noticed a new plot of land reserved right next to mine. Well that’s just great. My house hasn’t even started to be built and I’ve lost my seclusion. In my disappointment I forgot to put my mask away and left it on. I Went Back to Re-Tail to sell my apples.

Unwanted Neighbour

Damn it! how come everywhere I go someone wants something from me? While trying to get back across the bridge the elephant stopped me in my path. It demanded me have a shovel fight. Fine. So this is how it’s gonna go down is it. As I drew my weapon the elephant took a swing for my head and made contact. I lost my balance and fell backwards. I jumped up and began laying into the elephant. It was a good battle and we both got in some pretty decent shots. We bowed respectfully to each other and parted ways.

Shovel Duel

I made it to Re-Tail and sold my apples. I got a lot of cash but was still about $80 short. I didn’t know what to do. There were no apples. There were no more shells. I leaned on a tree and began to feel sorry for myself. As I leaned back something fell to the ground. It was $100. Holy mother of monkey! What were the chances of that? Why was there $100 up a tree? I didn’t care. I ran to Nooks.


As I walked in that bastard Raccoon knew exactly why I was there. I looked him in the eye and handed over the bag full of cash. He thanked me in a condescending tone and began to blabber on about this being a great opportunity for me. My house should be ready tomorrow. He gave me a choice of roof colour. I told him make it red. Blood red…

The Bastard

I spent the next half an hour treasure hunting. I found four new fossils so I went to the museum to see Blathers the owl. I took along my recently purchased painting from last night to donate as well. I handed over the fossils and Blathers was very grateful. I could tell it mad the old bird happy. I asked him if he would accept the painting as a donation as well. Joyfully he looked it over. After a few minutes he got a bad look on his face. He told me the painting was a fake. A forgery. That son of a bitch fox! He ripped me off! That was over $3000! I went back to see if his tent was still set up but he was long gone. I was angry.

I couldn’t stand to look at this painting anymore. I took it to the beach and buried it in the sand. I left it there for some other poor sucker to find. At least they wont be losing money from it. No longer would it plague me.

Out of Sight

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