Animal Crossing Diary – Day 2

It was past midnight. I had been trying to get to sleep for a while now, going over the recent events in my mind to work out exactly how this had happened. There was a loud bang outside my tent. I jumped out into the cold night and saw a pelican messing with my mail box. I struck a karate a pose and shouted for him to get the hell away before I proceed to mess him up. He squawked at me, well at least made some attempt at the noise a pelican would make. I’d obviously caught him off guard in the middle of what I can only assume was an attempt to destroy my letterbox. Finally composing himself just as I was about to lay into him, he shouted for me to stop. Using all of my skill I withheld from beating his ass to town. It was explained to me that he was the post man.


I didn’t trust him. He produced a letter from a satchel. The evidence was starting to look in his favour. I questioned him further. I wanted to know why he was delivering mail this late at night. He proceeded to tell me that he was actually hoping I could shed some light on the Subject. The envelope he was delivering had been in his company’s possession for the last 70 years. Well 68 to be exact. It had been given with explicit instructions that it be given to a young man with my description, answering to the name Jiggly at this exact location at this exact minute on June 21th 2013. He continued on and mentioned something about losing a bet. I read the letter.

The Letter

How could I have a letter? Nobody knew I was here. Who was this from? I had no idea. The postman flew off and I retired back into my tent.

I slept until about 9:00am. It was bright outside. It felt as though the sun had been piercing the seams of my tent forever. I decided it was time to get to work. It was time to embrace this whole Mayor thing. I walked to the Town Hall ready for a day full of Mayor-ing. The door was locked. What the hell. There was a sign on the door. Apparently The Town Hall was closed due to today being the Summer Solstice. I couldn’t believe this was serious. The Summer Solstice doesn’t warrant a public service office to be closed! This was no public holiday damn it.

I went looking for the puppy from last night. I forget her name. I went to the Town Plaza, the same place where the night before I had been made to commit tree to soil. To my surprise – nay shock, the tree had already started to grow.

The Tree

The dog I was looking for was nearby. What was her name… I couldn’t remember. Was it Fifi? I decided not to risk it and acknowledged her with a simple “What up?” As if the question were never posed she immediately began talking about her excitement of today. She explained that it would stay daylight for the rest of the day and night. That would explain the brightness in my tent this morning. She mentioned she had a gift for me and produced a pair of sunglasses. She wanted me to put them on. Even though they looked rather crap, I obliged.


They made me look like some try-hard wanna be Kanye West. I looked like a dick. Just like Kanye West. There was a photo cut out board in the plaza too… Fifi, or whatever her name was, made me take a photo in remembrance of the ‘special’ day. Yeah sure. What a special day. My first day as Mayor and I can’t even do my job. I forced a smile and got it over with.

Photo Board

With nothing to do for the day I went to the beach and collected shells for a while. I figured that I should go and see that Nook guy from last night to find out how much I owe him. The office was closed. 10:00am he opened. I went to a place called Re-Tail. They buy and sell what looks to be nothing more than useless trash. Reese, the woman who ran the place noticed the shells in my pocket. She offered me 3630 Bells for them. The local currency. Why the hell not. I was just gonna throw them at people anyway. I took my money and found a shop. It was run by two small raccoons. Possibly related to Nook? Turns out they were his kids. Being forced to work in retail at such a young age. This Nook guy… Maybe not as nice as he would appear to be…


I purchased a shovel, a fishing rod and a fortune cookie. I figured I needed something to do today. I ate the fortune cookie and the note inside read:

“A door that is not open to you needs a key. #49”

I had no idea what this meant. I took it to the little Nookling and asked what it was all about. He suddenly congratulated me and handed me a pair of boots. He told me I had won them from the cookie. My day was starting to look up. I put them on and a heroic jingle played. They make me feel like a hero. Like I should be exploring dungeons or something. I like them.

Hero Boots

I made my way back to Nooks Real Estate to discuss the terms of my loan. He refused to tell me how much jingle this house was gonna set me back. He was demanding $10,000 as a down payment before any work could start. He looked smug as he said it. Fair enough, but give a guy a final figure. I only had 2000 odd bells. Looks like i’m spending some more time in that tent.

Smug Bastard

I decided to go to the local tailors to buy some new threads. No way was I going to be a slave to this Nook. I splurged and bought a kitty hat and eye patch, along with a new business shirt for work. I made the decision to spend the rest of the day as a pirate-kitty. The rest of this seemingly endless day. Damn you Solstice.


On the way back to my tent I was stopped by one of the local residents, Fang. Fang is a wolf. He seemed like a nice guy, but made it apparent he didn’t like me.

Fang Hates Me

I acted as if what he said meant nothing to me. I continued home, hurting inside. I opened my tent flap and crawled in. Just as I entered the fetal position that damn puppy barged in. I screamed for her to not look at me. She felt bad for me. She announced that she had in fact brought a gift for me. She handed it over and had me place it on the floor. It was a lantern. Seriously. A lantern, on the only day of the year where the sun is shining for 24 hours. Great idea champ.

A Lantern...

I wanna say that her heart was in the right place, but frankly I can’t tell with these animals. Have I made a mistake coming here? No I haven’t. Fang is the one who made the mistake…

Letter To Fang

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