Recycled Content – Issue 2

Welcome to RECYCLED CONTENT! Where I repost something I wrote on another website a long time ago, that next to no one would have previously seen and probably for good reason. Mostly because it’s terrible. Let’s get started…

This issue showcases The Truth About Global Warming. An article I wrote about the real cause of our melting icecaps. It appears here as it did on my the website The Truth. Enjoy?

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This is what stopped me playing games today

Yesterday there was a bird in my backyard. It was a dove. Not one of the cool white doves that magicians pull out of hats, but one of these things.

Spotted Dove_0

It was limping and didn’t seem to be able to fly. We left it alone.

This morning it was still there and I was tasked with removing it. I was told to take it to Express Wildlife Rescue. I figured this would be no issue at all. Then I looked the place up.

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