Grand Theft Auto Online I Suck at Video Games Crew!


If you feel like your life is lacking something, perhaps it is the comradery felt when sucking at a video game with other people.

I suck at video games is currently recruiting for members to join our GTA Online crew, which is called, surprisingly, I Suck At Video Games

The crew is open for anyone to join, but you have to live up to the crew name if you wanna be a part of it. Yes, this means you have to suck. You have to suck pretty hard. Don’t get me wrong… If you are good at GTA Online and games in general you can still join. Just make sure you live up to the spirit that drives the crew. Dumb down your game. Suck a little. Save your awesomeness for another crew.

Join us for some fun times and prepare to lose… A lot.

Headover to and sign up today at the I Suck At Video Games crew page!


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