I Suck at Video Games has taken a back seat for me since around April. I still love writing things in and about my adventures in the world of video games but lately, I’ve focused my efforts on a new project.

It’s a webcomic called Not So Good At This. I started it near the end of August, after going through some issues with my mental health. Drawing has always been a form of a coping method for me. Shortly after starting I had a major depressive episode and did very little else and cared for very little else other than drawing comics.

Now that I’m fifty strips in I’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out over at notsogoodatthis.com.

I’d like to say there have already been some things I wanna write about, but I haven’t had the inspiration for a while. I’m not going to forget about IS@VG forever. I’ll certainly get back to it soon enough.

Thanks ❤

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