Games on a Plane 2: Planes Revenge

So… Funny thing.

Turns out my the plane I came home on was a different plane to what was expected. It was supposed to have a USB charging port. It didn’t.

Sillily (which I don’t think is a word) I spent my 6 hours at Sydney airport using my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to finish off part 1 of this blog come human interest story. I used up the juice expecting to have the ability and ultimate power of the USB port.

I was going to play GTA Vice City, so let’s pretend that this is how it went down. In dot-point form.

  • The tablet was too large to use in such a small space for the full figured man.
  • The noise cancelling headphones were good. Previous issues just needed getting used to.
  • I have played the first few hours of this game countless times so my expertise made it easier to play.
  • The woman in front of me watched that move where Sandra Bullock gets sucked into deep space. I can’t remember what it’s called. I would have called it ‘Bitch’n’Space’. You know, because space is bitchin’ and it’s a bitch in space.
  • She then watched Philomena. I enjoyed that movie. Dame Judy Dench is da bomb. (something you shouldn’t say on a plane by the way)


Next I didn’t play Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

I wanted to. Just couldn’t be bothered. I have been stuck on a temple for weeks and then stopped playing. I would need to refer to the walkthrough to progress any further and that was on my Galaxy Tab. This is how it woulda turned out.

  • The Stereoscopic 3D is a waste of time on a plane, just as it is when not on a plane.
  • I walked around the same dungeon for hours without making progress.
  • Link stared deep into my soul and began to cry. I knew he was disappointed with me.
  • I was disappointed with myself.


Instead of playing games, I did eat a meal called ‘Sauce and chicken’. It was as described. After din-dins I asked for a pillow, sat back uncomfortably, got rid of the pillow and listened to Penn’s Sunday School. That’s something you should do too.


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