My Sad GTA V Rant & A Look At Video Game Allocations In Australia

Today I found out that I had no hope of getting my hands on the collectors edition of Grand Theft Auto V. I never had a chance. You could say that I was pretty annoyed and didn’t handle the news too well. I am a big fan of the GTA series and Rockstar. One of my favorite things is my Rockstar keyring that I got with the GTA IV Special Edition along with the GTA IV safety deposit box.

On Thursday, Rockstar showed off the Special and Collectors editions of GTA V. Needless to say, I was pretty damn excited about the Collectors edition and the security deposit bag with key that is included with it.

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I’ve never been horrible at Grand Theft Auto games. Not great by any means, but good enough to beat any mission I play, even if it takes me multiple attempts. As Rockstar release newer titles in the GTA series, the better I get. Out of the eight GTA games that I have played, only GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV have had the honour of gracing me with their ending credits. Even then it took me

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