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Looking Back at E3 2015

E3 2015 has been and gone and it’s time for the annual I Suck at Video Games E3 in review!

This year instead of one long winded 30-minute video I’ve done three shorter, yet still long winded videos.

It’s kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but instead of having lots of choices to make you just need to make one. Click on the video of your choice to get started!




Harvest Bloody Harvest!


There’s a special surprise for players of Borderlands: The Pre-sequel! this Halloween! I went and checked out what there is and as usual, things don’t go to plan…

Why do I keep buying GTA?

Grand Theft Auto is a video game series I am destined to keep on buying. I don’t mean that when a new one comes out I buy it. I mean I buy several copies of the same game. It’s like I have a problem or something. Continue reading Why do I keep buying GTA?

E3 Predictions 2014 Edition

As the time grows near and the excitement within our loins collectively gather, many predictions and rumors begin to circle the annual event know across the globe (with the exception of North Korea) as E3. My duty to you this day, marked June 6 2014 (pronounced two-thousand and fourteen not twenty fourteen) is to provide you with what I predict and see fit to be the comings of this grand 20th edition of the gatherings of the electronic entertainment industry.

Please, select the vendor below of which you would like to see my predictions: