A real life RPG meets Tactical Espionage Action

Today I was made aware of a website designed to encourage the forming good habits. It is HabitRPG.

More than just a basic app or orgaiser, HabitRPG incorporates RPG elements to motivate you and help you succeed. My first thought was “Hey, this is an awesome idea! I’m totally gonna do it!” but then I realised something…

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The Adventure is Over: How Working in a Video Game Store Ended It – Part 3

2005 comes along and I’ve been out of school for a few years. I was working, so I wasn’t short a buck and Nintendo were about to release the handheld innovation, the Nintendo DS. After hearing rumours from an announcement that the new system would have two screens, reading about it in magazines, searching everyday on the internet and finally seeing the thing unveiled at E3, you could say I was a little bit excited.

Ryan and I both had pre-orders at EB Games in the city. I’m 99% certain I was meant to be at TAFE the day the machine came out, but I decided that this was far more important than doing what I was meant to be doing… Working on a website and video promotional package for Camp Quality… A charity foundation for kids with cancer…

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