GTA V – Gonna Take A Walk Outside Today

I was up one night and had nothing to do. I turned on GTA V but wasn’t really feelin’ it. I decided it would be a good idea to walk from the southern to the northern most tip of the mainland. The Next thing I know It was 6:30am and bright outside.

If you’re feeling brave and have 2 hours 8 minutes and 53 seconds to spare, this here is the fully cut together, unabridge version where I get hit by two cars and mauled to death by a mountain lion. (Go Wildcats!)

Target Australia changes their name and logo to avoid affiliation with violence

Target Australia have announced in a press release that they will be changing their name and logo to avoid any affiliation with violence of any form.

The drastic decision to make the change came less than twenty-four hours after the company decided to remove the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V from sale, after being hit with complaints from many customers regarding the game’s content.

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I like Michael

Playing Grand Theft Auto V.

I Like Michael.

Trevor is funny but a little too crazy. He makes me want to run over cyclists. Franklin is okay. He’s no CJ, but he’s cool.

I spend most my time playing as Michael. He’s an ‘every man’ kinda guy. He’s relatable.

Just today he managed to get out of the sticks and back into his own home. He was miserable, living in a shitty trailer type thing with Trevor and his kidnapped, senior citizen girlfriend. He blamed his troubles on others yet sought out to fix them himself.

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