Misleading Title: ALL GAEMS ARE BANNED!!!1!!1!

It seems like we can’t go more than just a few months without seeing another story arise about a video game being ‘banned’ in Australia or how the Australian ratings system is “broken”.

This time it’s in regards to an article posted on www.abc.net.au headlined “Australia bans 220 video games in 4 months as Government adopts new classification model”

Frankly, I should be able to end this here and tell you

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Target Australia changes their name and logo to avoid affiliation with violence

Target Australia have announced in a press release that they will be changing their name and logo to avoid any affiliation with violence of any form.

The drastic decision to make the change came less than twenty-four hours after the company decided to remove the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V from sale, after being hit with complaints from many customers regarding the game’s content.

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