Wildcats Creation Guide

I’ve had a few people asking me how to make the Wildcats on NBA 2K17 for Xbox One. Because I play on PS4 I’m not able to share my roster and team design, so I’ve gone ahead and taken screenshots of how to make the team yourself.

To do this simply go to OPTIONS/FEATURES

NBA 2K17_20170131191109

Then go across to Create A Player

NBA 2K17_20170131191116.jpg


NBA 2K17_20170131191127.jpg

Now you need to go through the Vitals, straight on sculpting, profile sculpting, features, hair, facial hair, and body sections.

So far I have put up galleries of five players. Simply go through each image and set the options the same on your screen.

For example, under straight on and profile sculpting, make sure the R is in about the same place for each facial feature like the example below.


Then for vitals, features, hair, facial hair and body make sure you have the correct information typed in or selected, like the below example.

sqaure 2.jpg

Here are the galleries for the five players I have gotten screen captures for so far. Keep reading to see how to play as your newly created Wildcats.

Greg Hire

Jameel McKay

Casey Prather

Matty Knight

Damian Martin

How to play as the Wildcats

Once you have created your players you will need to assign them to a team. To do this Follow these steps:


NBA 2K17_20170131191109

2. Go to Roster Creator and select Create Roster.

NBA 2K17_20170201132301.jpg

3. Select the Official 2K Roster

NBA 2K17_20170201132341.jpg

4. Use the shoulder buttons to go across to CREATED PLAYERS.

NBA 2K17_20170201132358

5. You will need to assign your players to a team. I recommend the Philadelphia 76ers as it’s a bit quicker. Press A on one of your players and select COPY TO TEAM.

NBA 2K17_20170201142214

6. Choose the 76ers.

NBA 2K17_20170201142217.jpg

7. This is an arduous process as teams need a minimum of 13 players and a maximum of 15. That mean you will need to remove some players from the 76ers. To do this, Use the shoulder buttons to go to the 76ers.

 NBA 2K17_20170201142121.jpg

8. Press the A button on one of the players you want to get rid of and select RELEASE TO FREE AGENCY.

NBA 2K17_20170201142137.jpg

9. You will need to keep swapping between adding the created players and removing the players you do not want. This can take some time. When you have all of the Wildcats you created on the 76ers, you also need Bryce Cotton. To add Bryce, use the shoulder buttons to go to ALL PLAYERS. Press the X Button to sort the names alphabetically and find B.COTTON. Assign him to the 76ers as well.

NBA 2K17_20170201132621.jpg

10. Press the B button and select Save Roster. I name mine The Wildcats but call it anything you like.

NBA 2K17_20170201132647.jpg

11. On the main menu, go to MyGM/MyLeague.

NBA 2K17_20170201132723


NBA 2K17_20170201132731.jpg

13. Select MyLEAGUE.

NBA 2K17_20170201132738.jpg

14. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT! Make sure when you are on this screen press Y to use a custom roster.

NBA 2K17_20170201132744.jpg

15. Select the roster you just created.

NBA 2K17_20170201132753.jpg

16. Now choose League Expansion.

NBA 2K17_20170201132744

17. Select Start in Regular Season.

NBA 2K17_20170201132805

18. Select

NBA 2K17_20170201132811

19. Select Create Your Own Team.

NBA 2K17_20170201132815

20. Select City

NBA 2K17_20170201132822.jpg

21. Choose a city you like. It doesn’t really matter which one.

NBA 2K17_20170201132846.jpg

22. Select Team Branding.

NBA 2K17_20170201132822

23. Set the options as shown below.

NBA 2K17_20170201132951.jpg

NBA 2K17_20170201133055.jpg

24. For the next steps you will need to download the Wildcats images from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1xZ1y54t0WKaGhKMDNRN0x4ZW8?usp=sharing.

25. Now you will need to upload them to your NBA2k17 account. To do this, On a PC go to https://www.nba2k.com/. Select upload images and Xbox Live. You will need to log in with your Xbox Live account.

26. Upload the images.

27. Follow the video below as a guide for making the Home and Away jerseys.

28. Next is the Arena. Use the following images as a guide. You certainly don’t need to make it look like this. It’s your arena, feel free to make it look how you like!