Super Mario Maker 2 – A Course

Hey there. It’s been a while. I got somethin’ for ya though…

It’s a Super Mario Maker 2 course! My game design skills are a little rusty since the first game, but I think this is okay!

Course ID: 1C2-KJP-FMG

While your there feel free to chuck my a favourite in the game 😀

stage 1

Fix your stages!

It’s official. The new update for Super Mario Maker has gone live!

Do yourself a favour… Actually do ME a favour and get the update. Not just that, add checkpoints to all of your courses. If you do this I will be more inclined to continue playing your stage, instead of holding the skip stage button when I die.

And I die a lot.

Also I would greatly appreciate it if you change power-ups to the context sensitive ones. You know, just drag a mushroom onto a fire flower or whatever. It makes the stages more “Mario-esque”.

Cheers peeps. NOW JUMP TO IT!

Super MORE-IO Maker

Super Mario Maker is the game I am most looking forward to this year. Sure, there are some great Triple-A titles yet to come in the next five months, such as Metal Gear, Guitar Hero and Fallout 4 but this is the game I want.

Super Mario Maker isn’t even out yet and I want more. It’s a game that is already packed full of content and it needs more. Don’t misunderstand what I mean, it is pretty much everything I could want in a side-scrolling Mario game, however… I. WANT. MORE.

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