My Xbox One Roundup

Last night I watched the Xbox One reveal conference. It was late and I was kinda sleepy. Afterwards I spent about an hour on Twitter and Facebook discussing it with people. I’ve now had about 15 hours to think about it all. Well, I did sleep for a while so I had that and my dream about bats outside my sliding door being exterminated with a flamethrower to think about. I have read plenty of articles on many websites and have decided to compile my own thoughts on the hot topics. Let’s take a look: Continue reading My Xbox One Roundup



The Uncharted series, by far are my favourite games on PS3. The engaging storyline and charm of the characters haven’t been bested by anything else I’ve played on any platform. The balance of action and exploring is perfect and there are unforgettable moments made to stick with you just like in a Hollywood action blockbuster.

Even though I have to play on VERY EASY mode, Uncharted is still a great challenge for someone as bad at video games as I am. If I have to take on two or more shotgun guys at a time… Well let’s just say Continue reading DRAKE’S UNCHARTED FORTRESS


I admit it. I have never played a Tomb Raider game. I have never had any interest in playing a Tomb Raider game. I’m surprised that I want to play this Tomb Raider game.

Okay, I lied a little bit. I did try to play Tomb Raider: Underworld. I got up to the part where you Continue reading WHY I LOOK FORWARD TO SUCKING AT TOMB RAIDER


I’ve never been horrible at Grand Theft Auto games. Not great by any means, but good enough to beat any mission I play, even if it takes me multiple attempts. As Rockstar release newer titles in the GTA series, the better I get. Out of the eight GTA games that I have played, only GTA: San Andreas and GTA IV have had the honour of gracing me with their ending credits. Even then it took me Continue reading GRAND THEFT AUTO: VICE CITY

Video Games + Me = Fail

I Suck At Video Games

Video Games + Me = Fail

I Suck At Drawing

Drawing + Me = Fail

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